Breeding Morgan Horses

About Paradise Morgans

Morgan mares. Photo © Bob Langrish

First and foremost we are a breeding operation.  We often say we breed “warhorses” because our horses are selected for the qualities that made the Morgan the horse chosen to be bred by our nation for use as its cavalry horse, and for civilians as a dependable friend with whom to face life’s challenges.

Now the fourth generation descendants of our foundation stallion and mare, UVM Springfield and UVM Christine, have been foaled and are making their marks as athletes for whatever challenges are chosen by a human partner.  We have selectively outcrossed their lines and locked in their rare and desirable characteristics of  stamina, soundness and sanity.  We breed for a universally athletic conformation, a deep heart girth and hip, short back, strong joints, propulsion from the hind end, plus good feet and straight legs.

Many of our breeding horses and their descendants have won in-hand, harness, or under saddle in dressage, endurance, reining, and at the regional, Grand National and  World Championship levels in Morgan competition.  With every cross, we try to reinforce the type and quality of our foals, never letting one physical characteristic outweigh the importance of all others.  By so doing, we naturally create horses with a preponderance of seminal Morgan characteristics:  our Morgans, even the loftiest ones, look like Morgans and perform like Morgans.  We think we are breeding a horse that honors the Morgan’s long history — an American original: the beautiful, versatile, authentic Morgan. We hope you agree.

At Paradise, we always have horses for sale:  weanlings, yearlings, show and performance prospects (including individuals for performance, dressage, eventing, endurance), breeding prospects (proven stallions and mares and juveniles), even occasional World Champions in disciplines as different as park and western. Our horses are most often suitable for children, women, and amateurs. They are horses that can can become partners with their owners and share the same goals. These horses often have uncommon beauty and spend as much time as possible outside, the most important factor in a horse’s life for ensuring healthy bodies and minds.

Call or email us to make an appointment to meet our sires, dams, and foals.  Fall in love with a Paradise Morgan.


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  1. Hi Natalie! Haven’t been back to the page in awhile but pleased you found and liked what we’ve done. Beauty is where you find it and we will always thrill to be in the presence of these natural works of art. Be well always.

    June 11, 2016 at 5:51 pm

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