Breeding Morgan Horses


Our herd, and yours

The reward of breeding is the opportunity to experience every phase of a herd’s development, from foaling through old age. Each horse life affects its fellows and steers the herd to some extent, adding or removing that one’s particular strengths. The foundation stock echo and reverberate through every subsequent combination, yielding new qualities to be noted, valued and re-combined. Conformation and temperament must meld into superior and balanced expressions of the breed, regardless of the trends of the current era. Our Morgan horses will be sound and sane, beautiful and willing, adaptable to the needs of their human partners and carry historic bloodlines into the future.

Paradise and its collaborators may offer finished champions or breeding and performance prospects for purchase, we try to provide unique opportunities to help you breed your dream horse using our mares, our stallions, or your mares and stallions.

Whatever your goals for your Morgan program, we’ll try to help you reach them.

Mare and Foal

UVM Kimberly and Vandal, her 2009 colt by Summitry step into the sunshine together for the first time.

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