Breeding Morgan Horses

Paradise Morgans update

Privilege at Liberty 2018:

Privilege 2014 Victory pass WC

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Paradise Morgans is working collaboratively with Heart’s Delight Morgans at the W. H. Miner Institute in Chazy, New York to bring you the best of our bloodlines. There, our stallions Canon (UVM Springfield x Pastorale) and 2014 Western Pleasure World Champion Privilege (UVM Springfield x Nemours Celestial Lady) stand to the Morgan public.

These two stallions are much in demand. We’ll be happy to analyze your hypothetical breeding matches to them.

The Miner Institute’s Heart’s Delight Morgans also offers foals of Canon and Privilege, as well as foals by UVM Springfield via frozen semen, from some of our best mares.

In 2018, our home-bred Concordia (Arboria Noble Victor x Futurity’s Velvet Vicki) won World Champion Pleasure Driving with Diane Conrady at the lines.

Our operation is now spread over several states. We keep close track of all our progeny and their careers. The Paradise Morgans family today is the result of decades of careful breeding to achieve universally athletic conformation coupled with great intelligence and willing temperament.

To find out how you might own or breed a horse sprung from our lines, we encourage you to friend us on Facebook, message us here, or email us at


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